Stuff Happens

This used to be the Pranks page.  I've started adding other stuff here as well.

Radium Water Baths
So what do you do to relax?
The modern National Guard.
A lesson in being inconspicuous.
The great race.
Farm Sport
Why do we do it?
Chicken House
Deconstructionism on the Farm.
I am a musician.
Book Sale
Music to buy by.
Songs for Michael Melton
What do you do with stuff like this?
Weighty matters
Spring Break 98
So what did you do?
If you could see what I think I see.
Wait to Mate
Roommate plays a prank using the phone system.
Sprint Calls Dorm
Sprint goes on a calling binge at mid-midnight.
One-thirty Vacuum
Vacuum wakes up in the middle of the night
AOL Psychic
"Buck" meets a girl from California who knows all about him.