Spring Break 98

liliput1.jpg (22781 bytes)Some people spend their spring break studying.  Some people go to the beach.   We organized a gang of 7 dangerous individuals and spent a week on our farm in Kansas. We call ourselves......the LILIPUTIANS!

Here is a picture of all seven of us.  See what I mean about us being dangerous?

From left to right we have Tammy, Wendy, James (pointing finger), Christiane, Iain, (hand on chin), Michael (performing headlock), and Mark (acting dead).

shorty.jpg (4391 bytes)
Here is a 3 foot tall visitor who entertained us one evening.  He has Michael's face, but Mark's hands.  That explains why there is so much shaving cream on his face.

It was time to sing opera, but no one would join me.lilput2.JPG (16713 bytes)

hat-m&t.JPG (5300 bytes) hat-i&c.JPG (4558 bytes) This was from Hat Night.  We all wore hats and went for a drive at 12 am. We got out to look at the stars at one point and I made the mistake of getting too far away from the van.  Michael got everyone in and left me stranded on the gravel road.  They came back after awhile, but I was sure glad I had my hat to keep me from freezing!

cards.JPG (8934 bytes)As Liliputians one of our main activities was playing cards.  Here we are in the middle of an intense game of Uno.  Fortunatly no one was hurt.  The door on the left is the infamous Bathroom Door of Two Locks.  It has one lock on the inside to keep people from coming in and a lock on the outside to keep people from coming out.  Wendy won the award of Trying To Lock Someone In the Bathroom The Most Number of Times.  We still haven't decided what the award should be, but probably something along the lines of a big cold water balloon.