Songs for Michael

Here are the lyrics to 3 songs from my senior recital.  They were sung by Michael Homan, but they are all based on things that I've heard Michael Melton say

Transcript of introduction to these songs at my senior recital February 26, 1998:

"These are three short pieces based various things a friend of mine would come into my room and declare to me...usually totally out of the blue. These are for Michael Melton who is here somewhere. He transfered somewhere last semester. I don't know if it was after or before when he called me on the phone and said, 'My name is Nikoli Valorski!' you know... (laughter from audience..especially James Thorpe)....what do you do with stuff like that? You put it in songs for the person."

Yellow  (play it 200k)

Yellow! Yellow!
My favorite color is yellow.
Blue and red and black are great
But none of them can take the place
Of yellow.
My favorite color of all!

Nikolai  (play it 500k)

My name is Nikoli Valorski
Defender of art and poetry
And I'll bludgen every one of you
With my Sword
If you come near these works of art
Let me warn you from the start
That I am Nikoli Valorski
Defender of art and poetry!

And some pottery....if it's pretty.

Song of Rebellion  (play it 500k)

The R.A. is coming but what do I care
For even if he catch me I'll never cut my hair!

The R.A. has caught me and now I must despair
Because my R.A. caught me I now have cut my hair!

*note R.A. is the abbreviation for Resident Advisor.
          Their job is to make sure everyone follows the
          rules...including the hair code.

melton02.jpg (236487 bytes)

Michael Melton takes a hostage.  He is demanding to be allowed to grow out his hair again.