One-thirty Vacuum

ORU was having some electrical work done and needed to shut off power to the dorms.  They decided to do this at midnight, so Jan (you know, the secretary who sends out the messages) let everyone know ahead of time. 

Midnight on the appointed day came and most of us were getting ready for or already in bed.  The electricity went off and everyone suddenly got the strong desire to get their flashlights and run around in the hall yelling.  Someone had a flashlight with a siren on it and that didn't really help calm things down either.  

Duane Little was the RA and my room was right next to his.   He went out in the hall to try to calm everyone down and get them to shut off the siren.  As he was busy promoting peace and quietness in the hall I snuck into his room, turned the vacuum on and plugged it into the wall.  s

Around one am everyone had calmed down.  The batteries had gone dead on the siren and everyone had decided that it really wasn't that exciting, so they had gone to bed.  everything was quiet for about 30 minutes which was just enough time for us to start to get to sleep. 

The silence was shattered by the sound of a vacuum coming alive in Duane's room.  Immediately following it was the sound of Duane yelling, "MMAAARRRKK!!!!"  I don't know how he knew it was me....