Senior Recital

Here is the program from my senior recital Senior Recital.

Mark W. Shead
February 26, 1998, 8:00 PM Timko Barton Performance Hall
Music Composition Recital
Teacher--Dr. Hatley

Releasings and Beginnings 1996

Jamie Pittman-Flute
Jimmie Howell, Jr.-Marimba
Corey Thornton-Vibraphone

Rainy Day 1997
Snowing 1998

Mark W. Shead-Piano

Sea Hare in 3 Movements 1998

Adam Michel-electric Bass
Joy Pittman-Oboe
Jamie Pittman-Flute
Jenny Jarnagin-Piano

Three Dreams

Vale Pescum 1997
Somnium 1997
Somniare 1998

Amy Stoub-Violin
Mark W. Shead-Piano

Circus Pieces

Runaway Monkeys      1995
The elephant     1997
Dance of the Drunken Clown 1996

Scott Morgan-Bassoon
Joy Pittman-Oboe

Three Indian Pieces for Piano

Young Warrior 1995
Fetching Water 1995
Floating Leaf 1995

Tracy Sheasby-Piano

Two Machines

The Incomplete Machine 1997
The Inventor and his Machine 1997

Jamie Pittman-Flute
Joy Pittman-Oboe
Yvonne Lawson- Clarinet

Three Songs for Michael Melton
(view lyrics)

Yellow 1998 (play it 200k)
Nikolai 1998
(play it 500k)
Song of Rebellion 1998
(play it 500k)

Michael Homan-Baritone
Mark W. Shead-Piano

Over the Rainbow --- Harold Arlen
It is Well --- Philip P. Bliss

Junius Johnson-French Horn
Mark W. Shead-Piano